Adapting Legacy Windows Applications to a Web-centric World

Adapting Legacy Windows Applications to a Web-centric World

Executive Summary

In the era of remote and hybrid workforces, ensuring seamless access to mission-critical Windows applications is a challenging yet essential task for many organizations. Cybele's Thinfinity offers a powerful suite of tools that can deliver legacy applications to any web browser securely and efficiently. This paper presents the significant challenges involved in the transition to remote and hybrid work environments and how Thinfinity's unique solutions - Thinfinity Remote App, Thinfinity VirtualUI, and Thinfinity VNC Remote App - can overcome these challenges.

The Challenge: Legacy Application Delivery in the Age of Remote Work

Adapting to the remote and hybrid work model has raised a critical issue for many organizations: How can they provide legacy, mission-critical Windows applications to off-site employees? Traditional protocols, such as RDP, may not work with these applications due to design limitations, security implications or the unavailability of the source code.

The Solution: Thinfinity Workspace

Thinfinity addresses this challenge head-on, with three distinct protocols designed to meet diverse organizational needs:

Thinfinity Remote App: Leveraging a zero-trust, clientless framework, our unique take on RDP RemoteApp simplifies the secure delivery of your legacy applications to any web browser. It guarantees rapid, reliable access to applications, fostering uninterrupted business operations with nominal setup and maintenance. Most importantly, by using Thinfinity over traditional RemoteApp, all cybersecurity risks associated with opening inbound ports for RDP access are completely eliminated, thereby bolstering your network's defense
Thinfinity VirtualUI: Cybele's proprietary protocol, Thinfinity VirtualUI, transforms traditional desktop applications into web applications. This is achieved with minimal alterations to the original code, preserving the look and feel of applications while making them accessible via any web browser.

Thinfinity VNC Remote App: For cases where organizations cannot use standard protocols or access the source code, Cybele's proprietary protocol Thinfinity VNC Remote App allows secure, remote sharing of specific applications without exposing the entire desktop.

Use Cases and Best Fit

Thinfinity Remote App: This approach is ideal for organizations with legacy applications that need quick, secure web-based delivery without substantial alterations. It is the fastest way to bring a legacy application to a web browser while maintaining a high level of security.

Thinfinity VirtualUI: When an organization has access to an application's source code and wants to transform it into a web application, VirtualUI is the perfect solution. This tool can modernize the delivery of applications, making them accessible on a wide range of devices, thus increasing reach and flexibility.

Thinfinity VNC Remote App: In cases where the source code of a legacy application is not available or when standard protocols like RDP can't be used, the Thinfinity VNC Remote App is the best fit. It enables remote access to a specific application without the need to expose the entire desktop, ensuring security and providing a seamless user experience.


As businesses transition to a remote and hybrid work model, the ability to deliver legacy Windows applications securely to any web browser becomes a crucial success factor. Cybele's Thinfinity offers a versatile and comprehensive solution with its Remote App, VirtualUI, and VNC Remote App. By understanding each component's best fit, organizations can choose the right tool for their specific needs, ensuring seamless access to legacy applications for their remote and hybrid workforce.