What's New on Thinfinity Remote Workspace 7

What's New on Thinfinity Remote Workspace 7


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Thinfinity® Workspace 7. This article will introduce you to the product's groundbreaking features, new connection protocols, and enhanced user experience. Thinfinity® Workspace 7 is the epitome of an all-in-one remote access solution, bringing state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly design together to redefine workspace mobility.

Thinfinity® Workspace 7 is our latest advancement, packed with new features to offer an unparalleled user experience. We have integrated powerful tools and services such as progressive web apps, audit logs, and proprietary VNC for remote application management, to bring robust, reliable, and responsive performance right to your digital workspace.
With the addition of Thinfinity VirtualUI, we've made it possible for Windows-based applications to function as web applications, enabling interaction from any HTML5-compliant browser. Our new Analytics service offers continuous monitoring, providing insightful data on logins, sessions, and established connections. This feature is integrated into our broker, simplifying the setup process and offering unparalleled visibility within your digital environment.

Furthermore, we now natively support connections to IBM Mainframes and AS400, further showcasing the versatility of Thinfinity® Workspace 7. Our proprietary Thinfinity VNC integration and the new audit logs feature enable real-time event analysis and detailed records of user action, bolstering security and compliance management.
Discover the remarkable benefits of Thinfinity® Workspace 7 through this guide, as we delve into the specifics of its user-friendly UX, enhanced security features, versatile new connection protocols, and integrated analytics. Let's take a step into the future of remote access and application management together. Welcome to Thinfinity® Workspace 7.

Feature List

Enhanced UX

The Thinfinity® Workspace 7 UX provides an outstanding user experience that prioritizes user-friendliness, efficiency, and personalization. Its intuitive design includes a responsive sidebar that simplifies navigation. Users can tailor the environment to suit their preferences by pinning their most used resources and modifying the view style. 

New View Thinfinity® Workspace 7 UX

  1. Discover the remarkable features of Thinfinity® Workspace as we explore its benefits together. By clicking on the image above, you will be redirected to a video that delves into the essence of Thinfinity.
  2. Prepare to discover its identity verification integrations, intuitive UI, and powerful analytics capabilities.

Audit Logs

Thinfinity® Workspace 7 now features enterprise-grade audit logs for monitoring user activities. This addition allows seamless API integration with Enterprise SIEMs, bolstering security and compliance management. Advanced audit logs provide detailed user action records and enable real-time event analysis, enhancing security and visibility within digital environments

New Analytics

Thinfinity® Workspace 7 brings along a significant upgrade - an integrated Analytics service. Unlike previous versions up to 6.5, where a separate installation was required, the new Analytics service is natively integrated into our broker. This enhancement provides continuous monitoring, starting from the point the gateway is accessed, offering comprehensive data on logins, sessions, and established connections. Furthermore, it operates on a local database where the broker is installed, simplifying the setup process. However, for added flexibility, you can optionally configure the service to send data to any SQL instance.

*Thinfinity® Workspace 7 Analytics view 

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Thinfinity® Workspace 7 now incorporates Progressive Web App (PWA) technology for an enriched user experience. PWAs deliver a seamless, app-like feel outside the browser, blending the advantages of web-based and native applications. With improved performance, quicker load times, and enhanced responsiveness, this PWA integration elevates Thinfinity® Workspace 7, marrying web app convenience with native app excellence.

New Connection Protocols


Thinfinity® Workspace 7 now natively supports connections to IBM Mainframes and AS400, further expanding its already versatile capabilities. This enhancement eliminates the need for any client-side installations, simplifying access and streamlining operations.

Connections are secure and reliable, leveraging the most recent encryption standard, TLS 1.3. This ensures robust security and data integrity, allowing you to safely connect to your legacy systems from any HTML5-compatible browser.

Experience unprecedented flexibility and security in your mainframe and AS400 access with Thinfinity® Workspace 7.

Thinfinity VNC

Thinfinity® Workspace 7 now integrates Thinfinity VNC, a proprietary Remote Framebuffer (RFB) protocol developed by Cybele Software, engineered specifically to operate natively within a web browser.

This technological enhancement elevates remote support and application monitoring to a whole new level. With Thinfinity VNC, complexities are reduced and processes are streamlined, allowing for an optimized, web-based remote control and support solution. This advanced integration within Thinfinity® Workspace 7 delivers a highly responsive and secure environment, reshaping the landscape of remote application management.

Thinfinity VirtualUI

Thinfinity® Workspace 7  now seamlessly incorporates Thinfinity VirtualUI connections, integrating them fully into your digital workspace. Thinfinity VirtualUI is a pioneering technology developed by Cybele Software that enables Windows-based applications to function as web applications, allowing you to interact with them from any HTML5-compliant browser.

This strategic enhancement provides Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) an opportunity to upgrade to Workspace, thereby leveraging all the novel features and capabilities of Thinfinity® Workspace 7. By doing so, they can significantly reduce the need for additional tools for technical support or remote access within their environment. This integration brings about a unified, efficient, and streamlined workspace, further simplifying remote access and application management.


Thinfinity® Workspace 7 stands at the forefront of remote access solutions, introducing a host of innovative features such as user analytics, refined views for resource reservation, and a robust VDI manager. Upgrading to this latest version not only simplifies the management and configuration of virtual desktops and applications but also guarantees a seamless, secure access experience for your users.

The enhanced capabilities that Thinfinity® Workspace 7 presents go beyond expectations. With its comprehensive toolset, organizations can elevate their remote access strategies, grant web-based access to legacy applications, leverage the potential of terminal emulation, and utilize screen sharing to its fullest.

But don't just take our word for it. We encourage you to explore Thinfinity® Workspace 7 firsthand. Contact us to set up a trial or request a comprehensive demo of the fully-featured software. To get a glimpse of all available features, visit our website. For a sneak peek into the user experience, check out our live demo.

We are confident that Thinfinity® Workspace 7 will revolutionize the way you approach remote access and application management. Reach out to us today and embark on the journey to a truly boundary-free workspace. 

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