Thinfinity Workspace Configuration Guide for VirtualUI Sessions

How to Configure VirtualUI Sessions

Product: Thinfinity Workspace
Versions: 7 and later


Welcome to the VirtualUI Sessions configuration guide for Thinfinity Workspace. This concise guide provides the instructions to ensure the successful configuration of VirtualUI Sessions, allowing you to quickly configure the way users will connect to the virtualized application.

Sessions Configuration

      1- Launch Thinfinity Workspace Configuration Manager.
      2- If it is a Primary Broker only configuration go to the ‘VirtualUI’ tab, if it has a Secondary Broker go to the ‘Broker’ tab and double click on the pool name then go to the ‘Sessions’ tab.
      3- Either way, you will see the Use these credentials, Create users on-demand and Predefined users options. Below is an explanation of each of these options.

Use these credentials

This option allows you to use fixed credentials to log in to the application.

Create users on-demand

This option allows VirtualUI to create users. Each time VirtualUI needs to open a new session, it will create a user with the 'Username prefix' you specify, and it will make this user part of the group you specify in the 'Add to group' box.
For example, if you specify the prefix 'TestUser'. VirtualUI will create the user 'TestUser', 'TestUser2', 'TestUser3', and so on.

Predefined users

The predefined user's option, allows you to add existing users of your domain or local server.

You can add them either from a custom users list or users with a prefix. 

Custom List
In the custom list, you can add users individually by clicking on ‘Add’, or import them from a list.
The list must be a txt file, with the following formats:

For local users:
Computer name\username:password

For domain users:

Users with prefix
This option is similar to Create users on-demand except that you must create the users in advance.
Note that all users must have the same password. 
VirtualUI will start the first session with the number 1 and gradually increase it based on the number of connections/users.
For example, if you have configured the prefix TestUser, the first session VirtualUI will try to start is TestUser1.


In summary, this guide provides you with concise and effective instructions for easily configuring VirtualUI sessions within Thinfinity Workspace. By following these steps, you can efficiently establish user connections to the virtualized application.