Setting up Individual Reservations

Individual Resource Booking

In this guide, you'll find easy-to-follow steps for creating individual resource reservations on Thinfinity Workspace. Designed for quick reference, it will help you navigate our Privileged Access Management system with ease, making the reservation process both efficient and intuitive.

System Access: Log into the system's home screen using an account that possesses 'Attendee' permissions. For detailed steps on how to set up these permissions for a resource, please consult our guide: Set Up Resource Reservation

Profile Access: Click on the user profile to open the top-right menu.

Selecting Reservation: Choose the 'Resource Reservation' option.

Initiating Request: On the PAM main screen, click on 'New Resource Request'.

Reservation Type Selection: Select the 'Me' option for an individual reservation and then press 'Next'. This opens the screen to choose the resource.

Reservation Type Selection: Select the 'Me' option for an individual reservation and then press 'Next'. This opens the screen to choose the resource.

Resource Selection: Pick the desired resource and click 'Next' to proceed to date and recurrence options.

Entering Details: Fill in the desired details such as date and time, then press 'Next'. Complete the next screen by providing a reason for the reservation.

Confirming Reservation: Confirm the creation of the reservation.

Finalization: Click 'Done' to close the window. The reservation will appear as pending approval on the main calendar and in the 'Next Available Resources' section.

Once the person assigned with the role to approve bookings validates the request, it will be marked in green, indicating its availability to the user for the specified timeframe.

This guide has outlined the straightforward process of setting up individual resource reservations within our Privileged Access Management system. From accessing the system to confirming reservations, our aim is to provide an intuitive and efficient experience. With this knowledge, you can confidently navigate the system and ensure that resources are readily available when needed. Thank you for choosing our system for your reservation needs
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