Secure Application Delivery in the Zero Trust Era

Secure Application Delivery in the Zero Trust Era: Exploring Thinfinity Workspace Solutions

As organizations navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, the implementation of a Zero Trust security framework has become a pivotal strategy for safeguarding digital assets and ensuring seamless application access across a multitude of devices. Within this context, Cybele Software's Thinfinity Workspace emerges as a comprehensive platform offering a trio of solutions — Thinfinity RemoteApp, VirtualUI, and VNC for single applications — each designed to meet specific needs for secure, efficient, and flexible application delivery to any web browser. This guide provides an in-depth look at how each Thinfinity solution facilitates secure application access, highlighting their unique features and suitability for different organizational needs.

Thinfinity RemoteApp: Enhanced Flexibility and Control

Integrated within the Thinfinity Workspace, RemoteApp exemplifies the platform's commitment to flexibility and security. It enables the seamless delivery of applications to users' devices without requiring modifications to the application's code. Capable of running on any local server or cloud virtualized environment, RemoteApp enhances organizational agility in deploying applications while providing robust capabilities for managing these environments. This ensures a streamlined operation and reinforces security, aligning with Zero Trust principles by authenticating and authorizing each access request.

Ideal for: Enterprises, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) seeking a secure, versatile solution for application delivery, with the added benefit of managing virtualized environments efficiently.

Thinfinity VirtualUI: Seamless Web Integration Without Recoding

Thinfinity VirtualUI, another key component of the Thinfinity Workspace, revolutionizes desktop application integration into web environments. It allows organizations to transform desktop or client-server applications into native web solutions without the need for recoding or refactoring, retaining the original source code and native language. This minimal-effort approach to application modernization leverages JavaScript Remote Objects (JSRO) and web components, enabling a seamless extension of functionalities into the web while embedding Zero Trust security controls within the application.

Ideal for: Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and enterprises with proprietary applications, VirtualUI serves those aiming to expand their desktop applications' reach into the web domain, utilizing existing development investments within a secure framework.

Thinfinity VNC for Single Applications: Precise Application Access

Completing the Thinfinity Workspace suite, VNC for single applications offers a streamlined solution for providing remote access to specific applications. This option is particularly suited for scenarios where in-depth application integration or transformation is unnecessary. By facilitating secure access via a web browser without altering the application's code, it adheres to Zero Trust security standards, ensuring that access is meticulously authenticated and authorized, optimizing for both security and user convenience.

Ideal for: Enterprises, MSPs, and CSPs focusing on delivering specific applications to users or customers efficiently and securely, without the complexities associated with deep integration or extensive deployment efforts.

Charting Your Path to Secure Application Delivery

The selection of a Thinfinity solution within the Workspace platform should be guided by a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's specific needs, security requirements, and IT infrastructure capabilities:

  • Thinfinity RemoteApp is suited for organizations seeking a flexible and secure method for delivering applications across various environments, complemented by robust management tools.
  • Thinfinity VirtualUI offers a path for entities looking to transform desktop applications into web-based solutions without extensive redevelopment, enhancing application accessibility and functionality within a Zero Trust architecture.
  • Thinfinity VNC for Single Applications caters to those requiring straightforward, secure access to individual applications, ensuring minimal deployment time and maximum efficiency.
Feature / SolutionThinfinity RemoteAppThinfinity VirtualUIThinfinity VNC for Single Applications
Integration ComplexityNone (No code modification required)Moderate (Access to source code required for web integration)None (No code modification required)
Application DeliveryAny local server or cloud virtualized environmentAny local server or cloud virtualized environmentAny local server or cloud virtualized environment
Management CapabilitiesComprehensive management of virtualized environmentsComprehensive management of virtualized environmentsSimplified management focused on specific application access
Code ModificationNot requiredRequired (to integrate with VirtualUI Protocol, Web technologies and extend functionalities)Not required
Target AudienceEnterprises, MSPs, CSPsISVs, Enterprises with development capabilitiesEnterprises, MSPs, CSPs
Use CaseBroad application Virtualization access with enhanced control and managementExtending desktop applications to the web without recoding, leveraging existing codeSecure, focused access to applications without extensive setup or integration
Zero Trust SecurityEnsured by Thinfinity Reverse Gateway, Role based Permissions, Protocol encapsulation and TLS 1.3 connection EncryptingEnsured by Thinfinity Reverse Gateway, Role based Permissions, Protocol encapsulation and TLS 1.3 connection EncryptingEnsured by Thinfinity Reverse Gateway, Role based Permissions, Protocol encapsulation and TLS 1.3 connection Encrypting
Environment CompatibilityVersatile (Supports both local and cloud environments)Versatile (Supports both local and cloud environments)Versatile (Supports both local and cloud environments)
Main BenefitsFlexibility, No code change, Management of virtualized environmentsWeb integration without recoding, Preservation of native code. Functionality extension. Focused application access, Ease of deployment
Ideal forScalable and Secure application delivery with Zero Trust Security, minimal setup, accessible anywhereModernizing applications with web capabilities, without losing native performance and featuresQuick and secure access to individual applications

By leveraging the integrated solutions offered by Thinfinity Workspace, organizations can not only meet their current application delivery and security challenges but also position themselves for future growth and innovation in an increasingly digital world, ensuring every access point is secure, compliant, and aligned with the principles of Zero Trust security.

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