ZTNA Monitoring in Thinfinity® Workspace 7: Leveraging Audit Logs and Analytics for Robust Security

ZTNA Monitoring in Thinfinity® Workspace 7: Leveraging Audit Logs and Analytics for Enhanced Security


Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a security paradigm that emphasizes the need to trust no one, whether inside or outside the organization's network. Thinfinity® Workspace 7 has embraced this approach, integrating advanced features like Audit Logs and Analytics to provide continuous monitoring and enhanced security. This article explores how these features contribute to ZTNA monitoring within Thinfinity® Workspace 7.

Audit Logs

Thinfinity® Workspace 7 incorporates enterprise-grade audit logs, a sophisticated and essential feature for monitoring user activities within a Zero Trust framework. These audit logs are meticulously designed to capture granular details of user interactions, including login attempts, session durations, accessed resources, and even failed access attempts. By employing advanced algorithms and customizable filters, the audit logs can be tailored to track specific events or behaviors, providing a nuanced understanding of user activities.

Real-Time Event Analysis

The audit logs feature enables real-time event analysis, allowing administrators to track user actions as they occur. This real-time monitoring can quickly detect suspicious activities, enabling immediate response and minimizing potential damage.

Detailed User Action Records

Thinfinity's audit logs provide detailed records of user actions, including login times, accessed resources, and more. These logs create a comprehensive trail that can be analyzed for compliance, investigations, or security assessments.

Integration with Enterprise SIEMs

The audit logs in Thinfinity® Workspace 7 can be seamlessly integrated with leading Enterprise Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems such as Splunk, IBM QRadar, ArcSight, and LogRhythm. This integration is facilitated through standard protocols like Syslog or specific connectors, allowing for real-time ingestion of log data. By correlating Thinfinity's detailed audit logs with other security data from various sources within the organization, SIEM systems can create a comprehensive and contextual view of the network's security. This holistic approach enables advanced threat detection, automated incident response, and compliance reporting, enhancing the organization's overall security posture and aligning with the principles of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

New Analytics

Thinfinity® Workspace 7 also introduces an integrated Analytics service, a significant upgrade that provides continuous monitoring and insightful data.
Continuous Monitoring
The Analytics service offers continuous monitoring from the point the gateway is accessed. It provides comprehensive data on logins, sessions, and established connections, giving administrators a clear view of user activities and network usage.

Local Database Operation

Operating on a local database where the broker is installed, the Analytics service simplifies the setup process. It can also be configured to send data to any SQL instance, offering flexibility in data management and analysis.

Insights into User Behavior

The Analytics service provides insights into user behavior, helping administrators understand usage patterns, optimize resources, and detect anomalies. This understanding aids in proactive security measures and ensures alignment with Zero Trust principles.


Thinfinity® Workspace 7's Audit Logs and Analytics features are vital tools in implementing ZTNA monitoring. By providing real-time event analysis, detailed user action records, continuous monitoring, and insightful analytics, these features enhance security, compliance, and visibility within digital environments.
In a world where trust can no longer be taken for granted, Thinfinity® Workspace 7 offers a robust and reliable solution to ensure that only authenticated users have access to the right resources at the right time. The integration of Audit Logs and Analytics reaffirms Thinfinity's commitment to security and positions it as a leader in the field of ZTNA monitoring.

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